Bumble's Bibs

We started Bumble’s Bibs in honor of our grandmother, Bumble, who passed away from a motor neuron disease in July 2013.  Bumble devoted a large part of her life to improving the lives of the sick and disabled.  After she passed away, we knew we wanted to help carry on her legacy. 

The idea of Bumble’s Bibs was born during a June 2014 mission trip to Mustard Seed Communities in Jamaica while we were feeding meals to severely handicapped children and adults. The residents’ disabilities made feeding very difficult and messy. We noticed how helpful it would be if each resident had a large bib to wear during meal times.

Kelsey and Lillie Fleming

​​Bumble's Bibs, Inc.

To date, with a wonderful team of volunteers, we have sent approximately 700 bibs to the Mustard Seed residential care facilities.  There are over 1,600 disabled residents in the care facilities of Mustard Seed in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.  Our goal for Bumble’s Bibs is to deliver enough bibs to the Mustard Seed care facilities so that each disabled child and adult will have a clean bib during each meal time.  Bumble's Bibs has also inspired the creation of a new "bib ministry" within Mustard Seed Communities.  As part of the new bib ministry, young woman living in a home for unwed mothers and mildly disabled adults will be taught how to sew bibs for their follow disabled Mustard Seed residents.  We are really excited to work with Mustard Seed Communities to help procure the sewing materials and fabric for the bibs.

The bibs would help keep the residents clean, dry and therefore, more comfortable.  In turn, the care givers would spend less time cleaning the residents and changing their clothes and would be able to spend more interactive and therapeutic time with the residents.   We remembered the large, decorative bibs that Bumble made for her grandchildren from kitchen towels and cloth baby diapers.  When we returned from the mission trip, we started sewing large bibs to send to the Mustard Seed Communities for disabled children and adults in Jamaica,  Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.  We also started to "recruit" volunteers to help us sew and deliver the bibs.