​​Bumble's Bibs, Inc.

Our Bibs

Bibs can be made in many different ways, taking into consideration a large number of bibs will be used for disabled adults.  A child or baby sized bib would be much too small for the majority of the disabled residents.  Additionally, large bibs that can be used to wipe the faces, necks and hands of the residents during meal times work the best and are preferred by the care givers.

We, along with our volunteers, have been making bibs out of terry kitchen dish towels, bar mops, and cloth diapers, most of which have been found at discount stores.  The benefit of starting with a dish towel or cloth diaper is that the sides are already finished and sewing time is reduced. 

As an alternative, terrycloth or other soft, absorbent, and washable fabric can be purchased, cut and finished into a rectangle with dimensions of approximately 14" - 18" wide and at least 18" long.    

We use 1" wide cotton twill tape cut into 20" lengths for the bib ties.  The ends of each tie are finished by folding once and then twice and securing the folds with stitching.  The ties are then secured to the bib in the same manner, resulting in approximately 18" long ties.

We have included pictures below.